Best Skateboard Trucks of 2017

skateboard trucks

Skateboarding is a favorite past time of the younger generation because of how fun it can be. Not only can it be a type of transportation, but it can also be used for tricks and even for competitions. It is basically the best of both worlds and more people are starting to accept skateboarding as an actual sport instead of just a past time activity. But, a skateboard would not exist without its parts. Most people would just look at the finished product and think of it as ready-made. But in reality, each part is essential to create the final product.

Skateboards are composed of three main parts, namely, the deck, the wheels, and the truck. Each of these parts plays a specific role in making it possible for people to ride on it smoothly without any difficulty. But in this situation, a truck will be given emphasis because of how underrated it is. Decks and wheels are easy to see, which is the reason why the trucks are always overlooked. What makes it so important is that it is the main connection between the deck and the wheels.

What makes a good skateboard truck?

The best skate trucks are made up of quality materials. But, that is not the only thing that makes trucks good for use. It is made up of three smaller parts and these are the axels, the bushings, and the kingpin. Each part needs to be present to make the trucks.

Aside from its composition, its dimensions should also be considered. Depending on the type of skateboard, trucks have specifications that accommodate the varying needs of a skateboard. The width and the height of the trucks should be in proportion with the size of the deck and the height of the wheels.

Now that the qualities of a good skateboard truck have been discussed, it is now time to list what are the best skateboard trucks available for purchase. The following are some of the top trucks skateboarders should invest in.

Venture Superlite Low

Just as its name indicates, this truck allows better movement because of its light weight. It is perfect for tricks that require the skateboard to be flipped mid-air or dragged on railings and then dropped at reasonable speeds. But what really makes this one of the best skateboard trucks on the market is that it is the ideal truck for beginners. Skate trucks should be carefully considered before purchase because beginners and professionals have different styles of riding skateboards. This particular skateboard truck lets beginners get a good feel on riding their skateboard with its low height.

Thunder Polished Trucks

Another product that exceeds expectations of great skate trucks is the Thunder Polished truck. Although it is a relatively popular brand, it is not the typical skate truck brand that appeals to the public’s preference. It sticks to material that should be used to create stable and sturdy trucks. It is a high-performance truck that increases the riders speed. Despite the speed, the rider would still be stable because of how sturdy the materials used to make this product are. It is definitely one of the best skateboard trucks up to date.

Independent Stage 11

The tallest truck out of all three of them, the Independent Stage 11 is a skate truck that has outranked many because of its durability. But what really makes this product popular is its adjustability. This skate truck is of mid-level performance, allowing both beginners and professionals to use them without much difficulty. From the two extremes to everything else in between, riders of all kinds can use this kind of truck. Its height of 55mm gives it a bit more freedom and stability when it comes to riding. Furthermore, they are products that withstand even the worst of crashes.

Being a skateboarder requires a lot of knowledge on what the different parts of a skateboard are, who to pick them, and how to maintain them. In order to truly experience skateboarding, people should at least try some of the best skateboard trucks available for purchase. For more information about the three skateboard trucks mentioned above, visit Best Skate Gear. They also review a variety of other topics relating to skateboards and skateboarding.

Marcy Air 1 Exercise Bike Review

Marcy Air 1 Stationary Bike

Exercising at the gym can be a bit of a drag, especially if the only free time a person has is after their shift at a 9 to 5 office job. Not only does the travel drain reserved energy, but it can also discourage a person from continuing because of the lack of energy at the start of the gym visit. One solution that a lot of people have been using is home exercising. Exercising at home is not only convenient, but it is also a long-term investment. One would have to purchase their own equipment, and they can keep them for life without having to pay monthly fees at the gym.

However, buying exercising equipment can be a bit expensive. After all, this equipment can be used round the clock without having to think about paying monthly membership at the comfort of your house. But, just because they are expensive doesn’t mean there aren’t any that are affordable. One such product is the Marcy Air 1 Exercise Bike. This section is a Marcy Air 1 Fan review to learn more about it. This review will show that this product is a cut above the rest with its quality performance at a relatively affordable price tag.

Marcy Air 1 Exercise Bike

When it comes to an exercise bike, one would think that the only part of the body that will be exercised are the legs. However, what makes Marcy Air 1 Exercise Bike stand out from the rest is its dual action system. What is a dual action system? It is a system in which both the legs and the arms can be exercised simultaneously because of the contraption called the dual-action exercise arms. Both the upper and the lower body will be thoroughly exercised, which is a good deal for an affordable exercise bike. Although there are those who prefer to do one activity at a time, multitasking is key to getting a fit and healthier lifestyle of a busy person.

Aside from the dual-action component, Marcy Air 1 Exercise Bike also has the following features that may be useful in more than one occasion. They are as follows:

  • Foam-Padded Handles

Because of the dual-action arms, one is required to repetitively use their hands for each exercise routine. Due to the long duration of usage, it may strain the hands if the grip is too tight. With the foam-padded handles, it will be much easier to grab on to.

  • Built-in Speed and Distance Timer

Just like some treadmills, this exercise bike has a built-in speed and distance timer to provide statistics and important data about how much time had passed since the beginning of the workout and how far of a distance had been met during the entire duration of the workout.

  • Increased Fan Resistance

The increased fan resistance helps one pedal a bit faster and extend even longer. It also helps cool down the body during the exercise routine.

With these features, this Marcy Air 1 Fan review shows why it is a product worth checking out. With an affordable price tag like that, there’s no need to look further because this product is the one to invest in.

What is Interior Lighting?

Have you ever wanted better lighting in your home? Well you’re not the only one because lighting is a big deal. Lighting is the intentional use of light to create a certain look. Not only can artificial lighting be utilized: lamps and light fixtures but so can the natural light from the sun.

Lighting can have a positive psychological result on a person whose experiencing it. It has been known to enhance ones performance at work and make a place look better. Use of natural illumination (i.e. the sun) to light up a place is a great way to save electricity. The best home interior lighting design ideas comes from asking designers though.